Your representation-starved go-to Muslim rounds up films and shows that make them feel seen.

Do Young People Care About Religion?

Euella explores what role religion plays in young people's lives today.  Religion – one of two topics that we are taught...
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson

I Will Not Apologise For The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Shamil Ahmed, a young British Muslim weighs in on the situation in France and tells you why he is not...
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Why ISIS Doesn't Represent Me

Shamil Ahmed, a Young Muslim, gives his two cents on the whole ISIS crisis and why the ‘Islamic State’ does...
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What Islam means to me...

Sham Ahmed, he of that quirky off-the-wall YouTube channel Shamphat Productions, recently got together with some members of Bristol Muslim...
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Seven things that Muslim women are tired of hearing

Adibah Iqbal remembers being asked some, lets say, interesting questions when she was a Muslim.
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