Bristol's Art Gallery Crawl: 17 Galleries In One Day

Last week we went on an Art Gallery Crawl, visiting 17 different art galleries that ranged from the vast Spike Island...
Art / / Cai Burton

Pick of the Week: Stencilling in Stockwood

Find out what's on Rife Guide this week, including an opportunity to get arty and bring a bit of brightness...
Guide / / Jess Connett

Is Banksy Still a Local Hero or Is He Played Out?

In light of his new pieces in Bristol, Ella Buxton asks whether Banksy is still a local hero or not,...
Arts/Culture / / Ella Buxton

‘Would you rather look at a blank wall or something that stands out?‘

With youth clubs constantly facing cuts or closure, Jon met up with Bristol-based artist and musician Peter Tubey (aged 21) to...
Bristol / / Jon Aitken

This is an article about a bridge in Bristol (not the famous one)

Jon’s Bristol is under threat, or he’s just weirdly sentimental about a bridge: you decide.
Bristol / / Jon Aitken

Free Course: Improve Your Graff Skills

Want to produce your own urban art?
Upskilling / / Rife Editor

Jon visits: Arnos Vale Cemetery

This week Jon went to a cemetery.
Bristol / / Jon Aitken

Theatre: 'Banksy: The Room in the Elephant'

Shin_LoveLife visits the Tobacco Factory Theatre to check out the touring play 'Banksy: The Room in the Elephant' Tachowa...
Arts/Culture / / Shin_LoveLife

What Grinds Our Gears? Episode 1

Something vexing you?
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Shin_LoveLife

'Bristol to me has been a city of opportunity and a safe haven...' Shin Lovelife's Bristol

In her first post for Rife magazine, Shin_LoveLife talks about her side of Bristol.  Bristol to me has been...
Bristol / / Shin_LoveLife