everyday sexism

Where Are All The Guys In My Aerobics Class?

Cai attends aerobics classes, and he comes away wondering why more men aren't jumping at the chance to come along.
Sport / / Cai Burton

Emma Watson vs The Fappening

Beth Middleton balances the support for Emma Watson's talk on feminism with the reality of male internet usage, passing round...
Social Issues / / Beth Middleton

Are You Shouting Back? Interview with Everyday Sexism's Laura Bates

Adibah Iqbal interviews the one and only Laura Bates, creator of the 'Everyday Sexism' project.
Social Issues / / Adibah Iqbal

Seven things that Muslim women are tired of hearing

Adibah Iqbal remembers being asked some, lets say, interesting questions when she was a Muslim.
Social Issues / / Adibah Iqbal

Girls Take Smelly Poos Too…

Adibah Iqbal has a secret to tell you.