Rife Features


An exciting new opportunity for writers, photographers and filmmakers in Bristol… Introducing Rife Features

We want to find more of you to create content for us. In order to ensure we can do this, we are only recruiting TWO content creators in Summer 2016. The money we normally use for the third content creator will, instead, be used to fund some specific content that we’ll be advertising here

Yes. We’ve now allocated some budget for specific features, advertised here.

We are currently looking for people to create stories to be released in March 2017.

The process is thus:

1) Read the brief below

2) Send the editor (me, Nikesh, the one writing this, I’m a human, I dunno why I’m describing myself in the third person) an email. All pitches to me here with the subject: ‘February Features’. Deadline: 15th January, 2017.

3) After the deadline for March pitches has closed, Nikesh (I) will get in touch with the successful ones. Unsuccessful ones, don’t worry, look out for the next round of opportunities. We won’t, sadly, have time to give specific feedback on pitches.

4) The successful ones will  get invited to a special ‘Features Lab’ with a special industry insider to help develop your ideas and then will meet with Nikesh/me to work out a timeline/workflow for your feature.

5) You will then do a first draft, and I’ll mentor you through the process till we end up with a publishable feature we are both happy with.

6) We will then work together on an amazing social media plan so your work gets an audience. 

7) Get yourself an ice-cream.

March Features

This month’s theme is: LGBTQIA+

All pitches to me here with the subject: ‘March Features’. The deadline is 20th February 2017.

Depending on the nature of the content, there is £75 and £250 available per feature.

What Makes A Good Pitch?

Here are some questions to ask yourself, which will help you write a good pitch:

      1. 1) Have we already covered this on Rife Magazine?
      2. 2) Why should anyone care about this particular story?
      3. 3) What is the exact story you are trying to tell and what makes it unique?
      4. 4) Why are you the person to tell it?
      5. 5) Why is it relevant to Rife’s target audience of Bristolians aged 13-19?

Answer all these questions well and you got yourself a good pitch, my friend. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

All pitches to me here with the subject: ‘March Features’. The deadline is 20th February 2017.