Six Tips For Making Your Own Clothes

Lydia has set herself the challenge of making her entire wardrobe in a year so she can give her shop-bought...
Upskilling / / Lydia Grace

How To Write A Winning CV

Holly helps you in the very early stages of getting a job with an essential toolkit for writing a winning...
Upskilling / / Holly Muse

Finding X: Challenging The School Curriculum Through Algebra

In this new documentary, we explore why we study algebra and whether young people should have more say in the...
Upskilling / / Rife Editor

Eight Key Freelance Responsibilities You Should Know About

Antonia realised that although freelance work allows you to be your own boss, there are often some important responsibilities that...
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How To Make Your Own Magazine

Emma Morsi, the curator behind Bristol's impossibly cool Nocturnal Magazine comes with the lowdown on setting up your own magazine.
Upskilling / / Emma Blake Morsi

Making My Mind Up About University

Cai talks about what it's been like taking some space from education and he reflects on his thoughts about going...
Upskilling / / Cai Burton

Bristol Loves Learning

Holly learns about learning and why Bristol Learning City is the best learning environment for you.
Upskilling / / Holly Muse

Come Work For Rife Magazine

Closing Date: 5pm, 29th February 2016.
Upskilling / / Rife Editor

Masterclass Recap: Juliet Pickering's Top Tips For Getting Your Book Published

Last week, Juliet Pickering - a literary agent - popped by to give a masterclass on what her job was...
Upskilling / / Cai Burton

Fix Your Kicks

After realising her dream to buy ‘a crazy stupid amount of trainers in every brand, colour and texture ever’ was...
Upskilling / / Grace Shutti