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Here’s your Middle-Class Roadman Starter Pack

A list of recommended items for rebor roadmen. 

How Sex Education reminded me of the importance of sisterhood

Parys identifies with a powerful storyline which shows women supporting other women
Social Issues / TV / / Parys Buckingham

You turn 18, you get a job, then you die

Mikey takes a look back on how changing his mindset diverted him away from a life he didn't want
Social Issues / / Mikey Major

‘In this world, you have to try twice as hard as everyone else.’

Kofo's work experience at a bank was meant to make her feel included - but it did the opposite
Social Issues / / Kofo Ajala

Life Imitates Art: The Continuing Bigotry of the Oscars

Kat is disappointed again by the very predictable Oscars nominations
Arts/Culture / Social Issues / / Kat Keir

Who are the silent voices in the green movement?

Dee speaks to BAME Bristolians about how they're saving the planet
Bristol / Lifestyle / Social Issues / / Deqa Hassan

It's still not what you know, it's who you know

Jasmin wonders if her class has made it harder to get into the industry she loves
Social Issues / / Jasmin Perry

What Christmas is like when you've lost a loved one

Parys reflects on what her Christmas might be like this year without her Nanna
Social Issues / / Parys Buckingham

Married at 21 - is it too young?

Zia considers reactions to her friend's wedding plans and wonders whether it's time for everyone to mind their own business
Social Issues / / Zia Holloway

What young people need now

Sumaya finds out what young people *really* need from youth services