Social Issues

How to speak to someone who has an eating disorder

Rosie reflects on her own experience of having an eating disorder to work out what to say to a friend
Social Issues / / Rosie Webb

Dyslexia: why is it such a hard word to spell?

Kitty explores her experience of dyslexia in a moving short film
Social Issues / / Kitty Reeves-Short

Four body-positive brands the UK high street could learn from

Hollie looks to global shops for the inclusivity she's not seeing in the UK
Fashion / Social Issues / / Hollie Jones

Football and Racism: what’s being done?

Alex examines how social media is making racism even harder to battle in sport
Social Issues / Sport / / Alex Felstead

Your online voice has probably ruined your relationships

Samar explains why he thinks everyone with a smartphone is a troll - including you
Lifestyle / Social Issues / / Samar Khan

Navigating the Post-Uni Void

Emilia doesn't know where she's headed after university - can you relate?
Social Issues / / Emilia Andrews

Art and Activism: into Ella Trudgeon’s sketchbook

Sumaya interviews an up-and-coming young artist and advocate about all things activism and tackling the creative world Something I love...

Things are getting hairy with Lily

Lily shares the personal reasons behind her most recent, and most drastic hair cut.
Lifestyle / Social Issues / / Lily Konteh

Feeling miscellaneous: a reflection on being mixed-race and bisexual

Sumaya attempts to navigate her way through her feelings of not belonging

How I realised female body hair isn't repulsive - it's normal

Amy recalls the moment she realised removing her body hair (or not) was her choice 
Social Issues / / Amy Glasman