Social Issues

What young people need now

Sumaya finds out what young people *really* need from youth services

Why men with privilege need to step up to support women

Those with power should use it to help those with less privilege.
Bristol / Social Issues / / Syirah Ami

What to do if you’re struggling with your first year of uni

University isn't all pub crawls, making pals and getting Firsts.
Social Issues / / Katherine Gray

'I'm not ready to remember' - when your mum is an alcoholic

How Sara* realised her mum's drinking was out of control
Social Issues / / Sara Maine

Meet the young Bristolians on strike to save our planet

Heulwen, Milly and Lily are part of YouthStrike4Climate Bristol - find out why they're protesting for less pollution
Bristol / Social Issues / / Rife Editor

When nail varnish isn't just nail varnish

When it came to wearing his new nails outside, Ravi realised that sometimes, it is that deep
Social Issues / / Ravi Kakkad

‘I’d rather see a white doctor, if you don’t mind:’ how patients can hurt doctors too

Neha describes the moment that she realised her race could affect how her patients saw her
Social Issues / / Neha Maqsood

How to speak to someone who has an eating disorder

Rosie reflects on her own experience of having an eating disorder to work out what to say to a friend
Social Issues / / Rosie Webb

Dyslexia: why is it such a hard word to spell?

Kitty explores her experience of dyslexia in a moving short film
Social Issues / / Kitty Reeves-Short

Four body-positive brands the UK high street could learn from

Hollie looks to global shops for the inclusivity she's not seeing in the UK
Fashion / Social Issues / / Hollie Jones