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Men Are Trash, But Women Are Not Garbage Collectors

Euella's personal account urges us to consider men's role in ending sexual assault against women.  [cw: sexual assault, rape culture]...
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson


Kaja on the right to the city and how she found herself in the LGBT community of Bristol.
Social Issues / / Kaja Brown

COMIC: Mental Health Services Be Like...

Get free confidential mental health guidance and support from Off The Record
Social Issues / / Jasmine Thompson

Space Invaders: A Story of Race And Space

Euella recounts how racism and micro-aggressions shaped her university space.
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson

COMIC: When The Shooter Is White...

In the third of her weekly comics, Jazz talks about the media coverage of the Vegas shooting.
Social Issues / / Jasmine Thompson

COMIC: #takeaknee

Jazz breaks down the #takeaknee protest and how, no matter how you choose to take a stand, no one is...
Social Issues / / Jasmine Thompson

The Decider: A Story of The Police, Roma And Football

Check out this short documentary made by students from City Academy about what it means to belong to the Roma...
Social Issues / / Rife Editor

Women Wank – Come Again?

Imogen on why the stigma attached to female masturbation needs to end.
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Important News: Your Exam Results Do Not Define You

Imogen has some words of advice on handling results day and life after.
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Do We Become More Conservative As We Get Older?

Imogen speaks to her family members in an attempt to find out why the older generation are more conservative, and...
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes