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Social Issues

How To Break 'White Silence'

Josie, a white person, wants to have a difficult conversation with other white people about racism.  Hello white people, here...
Social Issues / / Josie Thum

Do Young People Care About Religion?

Euella explores what role religion plays in young people's lives today.  Religion – one of two topics that we are taught...
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson

Six Life Lessons My Crackhead Dad Taught Me 

Absent dads and substance abuse, In this personal essay, Alexie explores what it's like to grow up with a father...
Social Issues / / Alexie Segal

Men Are Trash, But Women Are Not Garbage Collectors

Euella's personal account urges us to consider men's role in ending sexual assault against women.  [cw: sexual assault, rape culture]...
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson


Kaja on the right to the city and how she found herself in the LGBT community of Bristol.
Social Issues / / Kaja Brown

COMIC: Mental Health Services Be Like...

Get free confidential mental health guidance and support from Off The Record
Social Issues / / Jasmine Thompson

Space Invaders: A Story of Race And Space

Euella recounts how racism and micro-aggressions shaped her university space.
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson

COMIC: When The Shooter Is White...

In the third of her weekly comics, Jazz talks about the media coverage of the Vegas shooting.
Social Issues / / Jasmine Thompson

COMIC: #takeaknee

Jazz breaks down the #takeaknee protest and how, no matter how you choose to take a stand, no one is...
Social Issues / / Jasmine Thompson

The Decider: A Story of The Police, Roma And Football

Check out this short documentary made by students from City Academy about what it means to belong to the Roma...
Social Issues / / Rife Editor