Social Issues

'Reasons why': women as objects of change in the dating world

Ellen's noticed a trend of women feeling as if they have to change for men - and she's fed up
Social Issues / / Ellen Crofton

Speaking with Colour

A podcast exploring the relationship between language and cultural identity Produced and narrated by Keziah Wenham-Kenyon.

The Walking Woman: a spoken word short film

Aggie's spoken word expresses how she feels unsafe when walking alone at night.
Film / Social Issues / youtube / / Aggie Andrews

Imposter syndrome, myself, and I

Lucy thinks about why she's always felt fraudulent - and asks some high-flying friends whether they feel it too 
Social Issues / / Lucy Turner

Why I won't date white women any more

Hansit explains why he's changed his dating preferences as an Indian man
Social Issues / / Hansit Deb

Seeing Colour: a poetry and photography series

Qezz discusses why it's not okay to say you 'don't see colour'
Art / Social Issues / / Qezz Gill

Greta Thunberg’s visit to Bristol was a message of hope

Everything about Friday’s Climate Strike was a sign of hope for humanity, says Kaja
Bristol / Social Issues / / Kaja Brown

Coronavirus isn't just a medical issue

Mia's noticed a rise in racism in response to the headlines about the virus
Social Issues / / Mia Cheng

i for Identity: A photo essay

Qezz breaks down her experiences through her black and white film series

'Maybe I ought to have seen it coming.'

Flora's job made her feel safe - until she met a famous face
Social Issues / / Flora Snelson