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Eight Lies Films Tell About Relationships

Euella on how movies create unrealistic expectations of love and dating.  When I was about 14, I had a crush on...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Euella Jackson

Food Challenge: Alexie Vs Instant Noodles

New food challenge video from Alexie as he eats and rates nine different types of noodles.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Alexie Segal

A Cycling Guide To Staying Alive

Cycling is great, especially in Bristol; it keeps you fit, saves you money, often commuting time as well.

Five Of The Worst Secret Santa Gifts To Get Someone

Barker set off around town this week to find the worst present ideas for Secret Santa, and by jove there...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Barker

Nine Ways To Fill Your Cupboards On A Budget

Jess, Beth and Char are here with some handy tips for saving money when you head to the supermarket.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Rife Editor

Your Eight-Step Guide To Making Your Own Lip Gloss

Rosie and Deqa set out to make their own make-up, because it's easier than you think.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Rife Editor

Six Tips For Being A Gamer On The Cheap

Amy and Richard on how to get the games you want without breaking the bank.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Rife Editor

NOMINATE: Who Are 2016's 24 Most Influential Bristolians Under 24?

We've opened nominations for this year's #24under24 where you can help us find the most influential young people in Bristol.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Rife Editor

Places In Bristol Featured In 'Skins' And Boring Stuff I've Done There

Ailsa revisits 'Skins' haunts around the city centre and finally comes to terms with the fact that she'll never be...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Ailsa Fineron