Are There Too Many White People On Our Screens?

Are too many films and television series being dominated by an all-white cast, asks Neave.
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How To Make Your Own Low Budget Film Part Four: Distribution

In the final part of Sam Toller's blog series on making a feature film on no budget, here he talks...
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The Disconnect Between Film Studios And Their Audiences

Will wants to know why there are so many blockbusters...ALL...THE...TIME.
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How To Make Your Own Low Budget Film Part Three: Post-Production

Welcome to filmmaker Sam Toller's masterclass series in how to make your own low budget film.
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For Anyone Tired Of Clichéd Storylines: On The Film 'Elle'

Joyce discusses 'Elle', a cinematic tour-de-force about sexual assault that is anything but a cliché [content warning: rape, sexual assault,...
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Why Do We Crave Happy Endings?

Courtney wants to know whether films should be realistic or escapist and why audiences need for things to end optimistically.
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FEATURE: 2016 Is Proof Hollywood Lost Its Way

Film this year has lacked imagination, says Kit.
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FEATURE: 'Children Of Men' Ten Years On

Fedor looks at the horrorshow that has been 2016, through the lens of seminal film 'Children Of Men'.
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BFI BLACK STAR: Ageing Through The Ages Of Black Film

Grace explores how we grew up on black film and what she learned about herself from decades of black cinema.
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Ten Black Actors Writers And Filmmakers To Get Excited About In 2017

As we celebrate BFI's new Black Star season, Aisha looks at the British future black stars she's most excited about.
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