Humanity at the End of the World: Socialising

Socialising at the End of the World is a satirical sketch by Ife Grillo, exploring the way our relationship to...
Art / Arts/Culture / Film / / Ife Grillo

Why we need more women behind the camera

Lola wonders if Chloe Zhao’s Oscar marks a movement towards more equality in the film and TV industry
Film / Social Issues / / Lola Phoebe English

Joe Was 'Ere is uncovering the unseen victims of addiction through film

Rife caught up with writer-director Ryan Morris and producer Amir Majlessi to find out more about the film they're crowdfunding
Bristol / Film / Social Issues / / Rife Editor

My journey back to the cinema

Dana considers getting back in front of the big screen she loves so much after over a year away
Film / / Dana Archer

From short film to the big screen: why you should get behind this Bristol 80s adventure film

We caught up with the director to find out more about a big project - filming a feature in Bristol
Bristol / Film / / Rife Editor

Being Me: a film growing up as a dual nationality young person

Being Me reflectively explores the ways identity is formed in four young people of dual nationality amongst a whirlwind of...
Bristol / Film / Social Issues / / Rife Editor

Above the Skin: a look at exploring links between fashion and identity

Above the Skin is the space where clothes rest, and the space where our inner selves interact with the wider...
Arts/Culture / Fashion / Film / / Rife Editor

Four Walls: a short film about staying indoors during lockdown

What happens when work, play and relaxation is all confined to one space
Bristol / Film / Social Issues / / Rife Editor

How have horror films and TV shows changed, and why?

Molly takes a look at how the scariest of genres has kept up with changing audiences all the way up...
Arts/Culture / Film / / Molly Knapp

Who will escape The Red Room?

We talk to Ewan French, the director behind this nail-biting new short action film based in Bristol
Arts/Culture / Bristol / Film / / Rife Editor