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Queerbaiting And The Issue Of LGBT Representation In The Media

Uma explores the tricky side of implied LGBT representation and why it's not enough.
Film / / Uma Dodd

Applications For BFI Film Academy Bristol Are Open

Apply for BFI Film Academy Bristol if you are 16-19 and wanna make films.
Film / / Rife Editor

Five Unmissable Found Footage Horror Films You Must Watch

Kai talks about the found footage sub genre of horror and its must-see films.
Film / / Kai Coulstock

Playback Festival: Showcasing Films By Bristol's Young People

With summer coming to an end there is still time to get involved with exciting things happening in Bristol… Along...
Film / / Aisha Sanyang-Meek

Are There Too Many White People On Our Screens?

Are too many films and television series being dominated by an all-white cast, asks Neave.
Film / / Neave Allen

How To Make Your Own Low Budget Film Part Four: Distribution

In the final part of Sam Toller's blog series on making a feature film on no budget, here he talks...
Film / / Sam Toocaram Toller

The Disconnect Between Film Studios And Their Audiences

Will wants to know why there are so many blockbusters...ALL...THE...TIME.
Film / / Will Copeland

How To Make Your Own Low Budget Film Part Three: Post-Production

Welcome to filmmaker Sam Toller's masterclass series in how to make your own low budget film.
Film / / Sam Toocaram Toller

For Anyone Tired Of Clichéd Storylines: On The Film 'Elle'

Joyce discusses 'Elle', a cinematic tour-de-force about sexual assault that is anything but a cliché [content warning: rape, sexual assault,...
Film / / Joyce Khoh

Why Do We Crave Happy Endings?

Courtney wants to know whether films should be realistic or escapist and why audiences need for things to end optimistically.
Film / / Courtney Rodrigues