Boys Like Us: a journey through identity and self-discovery

Filmmaker Mikael Techane’s debut short film ‘Boys Like Us’ is an affecting reflection on the pains of growing up.
Art / Arts/Culture / Bristol / Film / / Mikael Techane

How Banksy's Legacy Inspires Bristol's Youth

Olivia celebrates one of Bristol's most famous children: the incomparable Banksy.
Art / / Olivia Fletcher

Why Are We Grading Art?

When Khalidah was told her art wasn't the right type of art for A level, it left her wondering why...
Art / / Khalidah McLarty

PHOTO ESSAY: Views From The Sticks

Barker heads back to his small town on the edge of Bristol to remind himself how beautiful our surrounding countryside...
Art / / Barker

REVIEW: Emotional Archaeology

Tom heads to the new Daphne Wright exhibition to explore our relationship with animals.
Art / / Tom Verity

Seven Types Of Student You'll Meet This September

Jazz illustrates a silly comic series based on the type of students you’re likely to meet when you go...
Art / / Jasmine Thompson

Childhood Cartoon Characters: Where Are They Now?

Jazz draws some of our favourite cartoon characters from childhood, and re-contextualises them in a modern-day, urban environment like Bristol.
Art / / Jasmine Thompson

A Street Art Crawl Through Bristol

Jazz compiles some of Bristol's most quirky, creative, and influential pieces of street art you can find by foot, in...
Art / / Jasmine Thompson

Kickstarting Creativity: A Pep Talk (And Writing Exercise)

Ailsa encourages you to create and, more specifically, to write.
Art / / Ailsa Fineron

On The Home Straight

Jasmine Thompson illustrates the realities of student life when approaching the end of term.
Art / / Jasmine Thompson