Zahra Wynne

Zahra is a Politics Student at the University of Bristol and an aspiring journalist. She’s an avid blogger and documentary watcher, and writes about gender, race and culture issues. She believes that the best way to change damaging societal views is to educate people through media.

Yes, Bob Geldof, 500 Million Africans Know It's Christmas, Thanks

Zahra Wynne looks at Bob Geldof, his cynical re-hash of Band Aid and all its patronising connotations, and what it...
Social Issues / / Zahra Wynne

Why Are We So Unwilling to Recognise Rape Culture

Zahra Wynne explores rape culture and how ingrained in our society it is, asking when we will stop blaming the...
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Don’t Let Brooker’s Case Turn You Into A Victim Blamer

Zahra Wynne talks about rape accusations and how they are damaging to sexual abuse victims.
Social Issues / / Zahra Wynne