Simran Kaur Takhi

Simran is an aspiring psychologist and writer based in the West Midlands. She has a huge interest in BAME voices and the championing of independent publishing. In her spare time, she loves exploring and writing about the experience of the South Asian diaspora in Britain. The intersections of race, nationality and culture is something that Simran would love to write a thesis about in the future. As a massive Jeff Buckley fan, she can often be found teary-eyed, listening to his whole discography on repeat.

Conditions of Worth

Simran considers why her average grades affect her self-esteem so badly.
Social Issues / / Simran Kaur Takhi

Slut-shaming and Bodily Autonomy within the South Asian Diaspora

Simran talks keeping secrets, power imbalances, and a horrifying letter from Boots Recently, something terrifying happened.
Social Issues / / Simran Kaur Takhi