Shanai is a creative person and has always been passionate about the arts, in particular performing arts and filmmaking. She spent a year with the BBC, creating content as a Production Management Assistant working on Bargain Hunt and Springwatch 2012. She also works as a partner of The Nu-Being, a company she co-founded. She is a storyteller; She loves to tell stories and evoke emotions through acting, music videos and shorts. Since she was part of the Creative Talent Lab in Bristol in February 2014, she has produced a promotional video for an artist in LA to enhance his status within the UK. She was one of Rife magazine’s founding in-house Young Journalists.

To Vote or Not To Vote...

To vote or not to vote… …That is the question.
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Film: Psycho – Screening with Live Orchestra

Shin_LoveLife goes to watch the horror classic ‘Psycho’ for the first time, and it’s soundtracked by a whole...
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Theatre: 'Banksy: The Room in the Elephant'

Shin_LoveLife visits the Tobacco Factory Theatre to check out the touring play 'Banksy: The Room in the Elephant' Tachowa...
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What Grinds Our Gears? Ep3

Shin_LoveLife questions why females wear see-through leggings and requests answers instantly.

Docklands Youth Centre (Video)

  Shin_LoveLife visits Docklands Youth Centre in St.
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What Grinds Our Gears? Episode 2

Shin_LoveLife continues to explore what really get on people's nerves in Bristol.
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What Grinds Our Gears? Episode 1

Something vexing you?
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'Bristol to me has been a city of opportunity and a safe haven...' Shin Lovelife's Bristol

In her first post for Rife magazine, Shin_LoveLife talks about her side of Bristol.  Bristol to me has been...
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