Shamil Ahmed

If you see a guy walking through the city centre walking around and talking to a camera passionately, with a big beard and a smile on his face, that is most likely Shamil. He’s a YouTube vlogger, a young-ish dude that aims to spread the message of peace, love & smiles (hold the cheese) through his experiences and weirdness. He’s also a part-time superhero (don’t tell his mum). He says: “If you see me, come hug me & lets go out for coffee! :)” He was part of the Creative Talent Lab in Bristol in February 2014 and was in Rife magazine’s second team of in-house of Young Journalists.

Are Arty Farty Festivals For Young People?

Sham's been to some arts festivals, and often they are too arty farty for him.
Arts/Culture / / Shamil Ahmed

Sham's Epic Rife Journey

Here's Sham opening his mushy heart onto digital paper to tell you all about his awesome time here at Rife...
Bristol / / Shamil Ahmed

Recap: Tom Swindell’s How To Swindell Your Way Into Television

Tom Swindell, TV and documentary powerhouse shared some top secret tips on working and getting into the doc and TV...
Upskilling / / Shamil Ahmed

Nightwalks With Teens: Taking On Stereotypes By Being Silly

Sometimes it's easy to forget what it's like being young and reckless.
Arts/Culture / / Shamil Ahmed

'No... I Don't Know What I Want To Be When I Grow Up'

We say this all the time to relatives, right?
Bristol / / Shamil Ahmed

You VS. Stress

It's that time of year again, EXAMS, COURSEWORK and everything that comes with 'em.
Upskilling / / Shamil Ahmed

I Will Not Apologise For The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Shamil Ahmed, a young British Muslim weighs in on the situation in France and tells you why he is not...
Social Issues / / Shamil Ahmed

Xmas For People That Don’t Celebrate Xmas

Shamil doesn't celebrate Christmas.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Shamil Ahmed