Sammy Jones

Sammy Jones is a writer based in Bristol. Now freelance, her most recent role was at Crack Magazine as the music and culture magazine’s Junior Digital Editor. She still regularly contributes reviews and features. She completed her tenure at Rife as part of the second intake, and has enjoyed being involved in Rife’s projects ever since. Her recent projects include contributing copy to a blue chip brand’s website redesign and creating a zine about Welsh shame in response to Brexit.

The Best Bristol Music Moments of 2014

Fair play to Bristol, our taste in music is anything but boring.
Music / / Sammy Jones

Four Reasons You Shouldn't Be Scared Of Counselling

Sammy is fed up with people pussy-footing around mental health.
Social Issues / / Sammy Jones

Pipe Down, Media: Zoella Isn't Yours to Slate for Clickbait

Since October Sammy Jones has been watching copy-cat hate articles about 'too-safe' and 'Disney-fied' Zoella pop up all over the...
Arts/Culture / / Sammy Jones

Why do you Wear Make-up? To Please Men? Surely not

Do women wear make-up for men?
Social Issues / / Sammy Jones

How to Pursue Your Wildest Dreams While Holding Down A Day Job

Making art is great but it’s not the best-paid gig in the world when you're just starting out.
Upskilling / / Sammy Jones

Coding Resources for the Reluctant and the Cowardly

Sammy gets her kicks on a wet Wednesday night by fiddling around with a load of green text.
Upskilling / / Sammy Jones

The Five Stages of Street Harassment

Sammy has lived in four cities and has been catcalled in them all.
Social Issues / / Sammy Jones

Playlist: Songs by Sassy Girls to Get you out of the Door in the Morning

Sammy has to have at least one of these bangers playing in the morning if she's ever going to struggle...
Music / / Sammy Jones

Renee Zellweger and Internet Arrogance

Why does the internet think it has the right to someone else’s face?
Social Issues / / Sammy Jones