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Sammy Jones

Sammy Jones is the Written Content Editor at Rife. She is also a freelance writer and editor. She previously worked at Rife as a Content Creator. You can get in touch with Sammy by emailing sammy.j@watershed.co.uk.

Eight Street Names That Will Make You Realise How Weird Bristol Is

Bristol is chock-a-block full of adorably odd and eternally optimistic street names.
Bristol / / Sammy Jones

Got Milk(s)? The Ultimate Milk Taste Test

Tired of her work colleagues making fun of her 'weird' non-dairy milk choices, Sammy Jones set them a milky challenge...

'What am I suspected of and on what grounds?': Know Your Stop and Search Rights

Have you ever been stopped and searched by the police? Sammy caught up with filmmaker Mike Jenkins as he premieres...

'...if I'd come out as trans at school I would have got beaten up on the way home': Q&A With A Trans Teen

'It’s scary what people think it’s okay to ask and to talk about': Sammy talks to 'Zack', a...

Lena Dunham, 'Voice of A Generation': But It's Definitely Not Mine

Lena Dunham has been the poster child for feminism for a little while now.

Think You Know Bristol? Come Over To The Dark Side With Nightwalks

When's the last time you took a walk with a stranger at night?
Arts/Culture / / Sammy Jones

Bristol Bands to Get Totally Psyched for in 2015

Alright, so we're all knackered from 2014-- BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.
Music / / Sammy Jones

Family Christmas Dinner Bingo

Christmas is a time for family...

RECAP + QUIZ: Could you be a BuzzFeed Digital Journalist?

Scotty Bryan from BuzzFeed came to Watershed for our free December masterclass.
Upskilling / / Sammy Jones

Six Ways to Become an Actual Angel this Christmas

Christmas is definitely a time for giving, but it's not all about Furbies and PS4s under the Christmas tree.