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Sammy Jones is the Written Content Editor at Rife. She is also a freelance writer and editor. She previously worked at Rife as a Content Creator. You can get in touch with Sammy by emailing

Eight Street Names That Will Make You Realise How Weird Bristol Is

Bristol is chock-a-block full of adorably odd and eternally optimistic street names.
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Got Milk(s)? The Ultimate Milk Taste Test

Tired of her work colleagues making fun of her 'weird' non-dairy milk choices, Sammy Jones set them a milky challenge...
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'What am I suspected of and on what grounds?': Know Your Stop and Search Rights

Have you ever been stopped and searched by the police? Sammy caught up with filmmaker Mike Jenkins as he premieres...
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'...if I'd come out as trans at school I would have got beaten up on the way home': Q&A With A Trans Teen

'It’s scary what people think it’s okay to ask and to talk about': Sammy talks to 'Zack', a...
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Lena Dunham, 'Voice of A Generation': But It's Definitely Not Mine

Lena Dunham has been the poster child for feminism for a little while now.
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Think You Know Bristol? Come Over To The Dark Side With Nightwalks

When's the last time you took a walk with a stranger at night?
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Bristol Bands to Get Totally Psyched for in 2015

Alright, so we're all knackered from 2014-- BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.
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Family Christmas Dinner Bingo

Christmas is a time for family...
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RECAP + QUIZ: Could you be a BuzzFeed Digital Journalist?

Scotty Bryan from BuzzFeed came to Watershed for our free December masterclass.
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Six Ways to Become an Actual Angel this Christmas

Christmas is definitely a time for giving, but it's not all about Furbies and PS4s under the Christmas tree.
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