Sammy Jones

Sammy Jones is the Written Content Editor at Rife. She is also a freelance writer and editor. She previously worked at Rife as a Content Creator. You can get in touch with Sammy by emailing

POW! Brunch, 25th November

Join Bristol sisters serving up three courses of female empowerment at our Sunday brunch.
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The Link x Arnolfini + the Launch of our 24 Under 24 List, 8th November

Come to Rife’s free networking event for young creatives in Bristol, The Link,  to talk about kindness and launch...
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The Link: 25th September, with filmmaking experts

Rife’s free networking event for young creatives in Bristol, The Link, returns in collaboration with Encounters Film Festival The...
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FEATURES: Music and Meds, Or How I Didn't Manage To Kill Myself This Year

Sammy talks about her year of mental health and the soundtrack that has seen her through tough times.
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The Eight Greatest Dance Moments of All-Time and How You Can Do Them Too

With Mayfest's Dance Marathon imminent, Sammy Jones picks her fave dance moments from near and far and shows you how...
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Sammy's Journey: From Zero to Jason Derulo

Here's a tear-stained love-letter to Rife from our resident pun-loving pen pusher, Sammy Jones, in a lovingly put-together playlist format.
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Seven Things You Should Know Before You Move Away from Home

Whether you're moving from Birmingham or Bangalore to Bristol or Budapest, there are a few things that never change.
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Step, Ball - Change?: Project O’s Dance Activism

What’s it like being a black person in the media?
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How Unpaid Internships Make Sure The Rich Keep Getting Richer

Ever feel like you're being kicked down a very long flight of stairs?
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