Rosie Webb

Rosie is a millennial with a laptop and over-eager imagination – a common affliction in modern society. She was born and raised just outside Bristol in the Chew Valley, living in a small village few have seen or heard of, East Harptree. Attending the University of Nottingham to study History, she graduated in 2018 and has spent the last year working, writing and travelling. Her passion is finding the perfect phrase or sentence to summarise what people are thinking and feeling, and thus, capture the attention of others to simulate change. Journalism is her vehicle to achieve this dream. She choses to write about topics that touch and shape our daily life, focusing on politics, cultural inconsistencies, social habits and absurdities. Rosie wants to make positive change in the world, again something that so many of us share.

How to speak to someone who has an eating disorder

Rosie reflects on her own experience of having an eating disorder to work out what to say to a friend
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