Rosie McCabe

Hi, I’m Rosie McCabe. I’m 23. Raised in a small village in the shires, just south of Bristol, past the Dundry ring road and nestled next to a blue spot known as Chew Valley Lake; in essence, I am a West Country gal. As a writer, I feel connected to both the rural beauty and peculiarity of country life as well as the bustling hub of culture, art and business Bristol has to offer. It is a city of character, as my mother says: a city of inclusiveness, re-invention, collective voices and empathy. I am privileged to be considered as one of the young voices of this city and produce articles shared amongst this warm, passionate community. I am also a budding journalist, history grad, sister, daughter and book-absorber amongst other things.

Riding out the flood: a conversation with poet Imogen Downes

Rosie interviews her friend Imogen, who will be publishing her first poetry pamphlet this year
Arts/Culture / Bristol / / Rosie McCabe

Wellness, Better Health and Me

Rosie explores our complicated collective relationship with being 'healthy'
Social Issues / / Rosie McCabe

A short history of statue toppling

News of Colston's statue being pulled down spread all over the world - but its nothing new
History / Social Issues / / Rosie McCabe