Molly Perryman

Molly has recently left sixth form and feels reasonably ready to take on the world. A regular at live music events, she makes her own music, getting involved in local projects in film or event management, cycling and is a keen photographer.

Cute Kitty Cats of Bristol

For her final piece for Rife, Molly cat-erpaulted herself into the purrrr-fect world of moggies mugging for the camera.
Bristol / / Molly Perryman

Molly's Journey

Molly reflects on her six months at Rife before launching into outer space.
Bristol / / Molly Perryman

Fog Bridge: Tackling Climate Change Through Art

Last month Bristol saw Pero's Bridge disappear in a wave of fog as part of an art festival.
Arts/Culture / / Molly Perryman

Meet The Dogs Of Bristol

Molly went out into Bristol to capture its dogs (on film), find out what they get up to and what...
Bristol / / Molly Perryman

RECAP: Dan Higginson's How To Get Your Film Company Rolling

Dan Higginson from Clockwise Media told us some tips on how to set up a successful production company.
Upskilling / / Molly Perryman

An Awesome Bristol Band: Carnaby

Next up in Molly's round up of the best young bands Bristol has to offer is Carnaby.
Music / / Molly Perryman

‘This is for you, for mental health is universal.’

Becky Dudley, a 17 year old sixth form student in Bristol, has set herself a target this year for a good...
Social Issues / / Molly Perryman

How To Network

Molly has been attending a lot of networking events recently and is now an expert at the meet'n'greet.
Upskilling / / Molly Perryman

An Awesome Bristol Band: Stone Cold Fiction

Stone Cold Fiction are another awesome Bristol band on Molly's list next-big-things you need to know about now.
Music / / Molly Perryman