Megan Lewis

My name is Megan Ruth Lewis, I’m currently 18 (for another month). I’m finishing off my A-Levels and I work at a Bowling alley. I want to travel and explore the World (dramatic pause) and my interests are in film, fashion, religion and talking! I’m still deciding what to do with my life ( ideas appreciated).

My First Father's Day Without A Father

Megan reflects on grief and how she came to terms with her father's death.
Bristol / / Megan Lewis

Never Forget. Always Remember.

Megan visits the Shrouds Of The Somme exhibit and thinks about what a mass loss of life means.
History / / Megan Lewis

Black, White and 50 Shades of Grey: Slapstick Festival 2015 in Review

Megan Lewis finds the funny in Bristol's annual Slapstick Festival It’s 3pm on a Friday and I should be...
Film / / Megan Lewis

From Horfield to Hollywood: Cary Grant's Cinderella Story

Megan Lewis heads to the Cary Grant Film Festival and discovers a local hero who can inspire us all.
Film / / Megan Lewis