Lucy Turner

Lucy is a Bristol-based storyteller and content creator. After graduating University of Westminster with a degree in Fashion Buying, she went through a life-changing disease and decided to change course and began to explore creative ways to examine and work through suffering. 2019 was the year of creative recovery and healing for Lucy as she looked at ways to work through trauma, using theatre, performative dance movement and abstract art. She is passionate about telling stories especially around identity, trauma, gender, race and inclusion. You can find her dancing in her living room to Lizzo.

Signs of Hope In Isolation

Lucy looks at ways she can help spread positivity in her community.

How I Use Fashion To Express Myself

Lucy turns out her closet to explain her fixation on fashion - take a peek Fashion has been one of...
Art / Arts/Culture / Fashion / / Lucy Turner

Imposter syndrome, myself, and I

Lucy thinks about why she's always felt fraudulent - and asks some high-flying friends whether they feel it too 
Social Issues / / Lucy Turner