Little Ryan

Ryan Francis was one of Rife’s founding Young Journalists. He is mainly known as Little Ryan for doing his comedy shows on YouTube called TheLittleRyanShow. He is also a Freelancer and works with a small upcoming business called Watson Media. He can mostly be found backflipping out of bed and making a cuppa tea.

iPhone 6 Twitter Round Up! (Tech)

On Tuesday, 9th September, Apple held its annual keynote event announcing the iPhone 6!
Arts/Culture / / Little Ryan

'P.T - Silent Hill' Gameplay! (Video)

Have you heard about the scariest game EVER?!
Arts/Culture / / Little Ryan

Watershed X Rife Magazine! (VIDEO)

Want to know what goes down at Watershed and Rife Magazine?
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Little Ryan

Top 10 FREE 'Practical' Android & iOS Apps (Video)

Need some practical apps that can help you on a day-to-day basis?
Arts/Culture / / Little Ryan

'The Last: Naruto The Movie'

A new 'Naruto' movie has been announced!
Film / / Little Ryan

Buying lenses and knowing your equipment

I’ve noticed a lot of young aspiring photographers and filmmakers are on a mission to buy a high-end DSLR.
Film / / Little Ryan

We Went Vybe Festival

Little Ryan goes to VYBE!
Bristol / / Little Ryan

Scribble Designs

I am a massive fan of Scribble Designs.
Arts/Culture / / Little Ryan

20 Fascinating Photos of Bristol: 1900s vs 2014

Little Ryan looks at how Bristol looks now, through his eyes and what it looked like hundreds of years ago.
Bristol / / Little Ryan