Varaidzo is the arts and culture editor for gal-dem and has contributed to Media Diversified, New Statesman, Complex and the book ‘The Good Immigrant’.

Spoken Word: Are You Listening?

The oldest form of poetry is making a comeback.
Arts/Culture / / Varaidzo

Digestible Politics: Should 16-Year-Olds Get The Vote?

Leo Shire argues that if political parties are going to be making decisions that directly affect 16/17-year-olds...
Social Issues / / Varaidzo

Why Did The UK Stop Paying Attention To Bristol Urban Music?

In response to our recent documentary on rising stars in the Bristol hip hop scene, Leo Jay Shire wonders when...
Music / / Varaidzo

#whatsinahashtag: The Pointlessness of Twitter Activism

Leo Jay Shire is #sick of #hashtags that #oversimplify the horrific things going on in our world.
Social Issues / / Varaidzo