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Varaidzo is the arts and culture editor for gal-dem and has contributed to Media Diversified, New Statesman, Complex and the book ‘The Good Immigrant’.

Why I Won't Be Watching 'Amy'

Amid the cinema release of Amy, the documentary about Amy Winehouse, Leo Jay Shire wonders whether such a film should...
Film / / Varaidzo

How To Make Your Own Make-Up

 After realising how limited the foundation options for dark skin tones are, Leo decided to try making her own cosmetic...
Lifestyle / / Varaidzo

#WeNeedFeministYA - Do We?

If Young Adult readers feel that there aren't enough feminist books, is it about time they gave the publishing industry...
Arts/Culture / / Varaidzo

Sexism Is Ruining The Women's World Cup

The FIFA Women's World Cup takes place this summer but is sexism casting a shadow over the tournament?
Sport / / Varaidzo

Leo’s Guide To Astrology

Whether you're a serial horoscope checker or think the zodiac is a bit naff, Leo's guide explores everything you never...
Lifestyle / / Varaidzo

Interview With New York Transit Authority

Imagine growing up, dreaming of playing music, and finding yourself years later performing at a festival that’s practically on...
Music / / Varaidzo

Cheap Trips Near Bristol: A Rookie's Guide

Bristol is surrounded by villages, towns, and cities that can be accessed fairly cheaply by public transport.
Bristol / / Varaidzo

Leo's Top Ten Aspirational Summer Music Video Looks

In celebration of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj looking like summer incarnate in the video for Feeling Myself, Leo Jay Shire...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Varaidzo

No Vote Doesn’t Mean No Voice

What do you do when you're too young to vote but you want to change the way your country is...
Social Issues / / Varaidzo

How To Stay Social Without Social Networks

In a world where it seems like everybody is on social networks, Leo Jay Shire presents how to break up...
Lifestyle / / Varaidzo