Josie Thum

I’m a 21-year-old aspiring activist journalist, writing about social justice issues. At the moment I’m focusing on the UK’s treatment of people who’ve been forcibly displaced into the country. I believe media should be a tool for mass empowerment, accountability and social change, and I want to be part of its transformation.

Since I was a kid, fiction, non-fiction and creative writing have been central parts of my life. Some of my other favourite things are learning languages, listening to live music and being in the sea.

I recently finished a BA in English Literature at Bristol University and now work part-time for an NGO. I trained with the Centre for Investigative Journalism, and my work has since been featured in Consented, Bristol International PEN and Rife Magazine.

How To Break 'White Silence'

Josie, a white person, wants to have a difficult conversation with other white people about racism.  Hello white people, here...
Social Issues / / Josie Thum

Introducing Bristol Free Voice: A New Grassroots Journalism Project

Josie meets three volunteers from the new community journalism project for refugees and asylum seeking communities in Bristol.
Bristol / / Josie Thum

Unaccompanied Refugee Children Await Judges’ Decision On Their Future

High Court hearing against government closes as the future of thousands of children hang in the balance.
Bristol / / Josie Thum