Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team

Josie Blakelock

Josie is a 23-year old graduate from Bristol Uni with a degree in English Lit. During her research for her dissertation, she fostered a love for American Literature and postmodernism, studying works by authors such as Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon, and David Foster Wallace. Her interest in postmodernism inspires her journalistic think-pieces, which explore what it means to be human in an increasingly technological age.

Writing and music have an enduring power for her and are interchangeable mediums she uses to express her thoughts and creativity. The private intensity and emotional quality of her live gigs reflect her often solitary lifestyle. She enjoys her own company, and sees it as an essential part of the writing process. More recently, she has been working on her own short fiction.

She often sits in cafes with her lyric book, and is forever reading. For the past three years, she has been gigging around Bristol, performing and developing the songs for her first album. The record is almost finished, and she plans to release her first single soon. A self-confessed perfectionist, she never does anything in halves.

Rife is the first magazine to publish her journalistic work.

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