Jess Connett

Jess was part of Cohort 2 (big love), and stayed on at Rife Towers as Coordinator of the Rife Guide during its launch.
Rife will always have a special place in her heart *sparkle emoji*

Roller Derby: Bristol Girls Can

We know Bristol Girls Can participate in sport, and have an amazing time doing it.
Sport / / Jess Connett

Bristol In A Day - A Short Film

Jess made a short film with 11 young people in Bristol to show what a typical day looks like for them.
Bristol / / Jess Connett

Jess' Long and Winding Rife Journey

Real life starts after Rife for Jess: she's going to miss it all like mad.
Bristol / / Jess Connett

Let's Talk About SEX(ually Transmitted Infections)

Know your Gonorrhoea from your Genital Warts?
Bristol / / Jess Connett

Seven Great Places To Spend The Bristol Pound

Jess takes a trip around the city to find the best places to spend the Bristol Pound.
Bristol / / Jess Connett

Bristol’s Last Video Shop vs The Internet

It's Bristol's last remaining video rental shop - and it's a hidden retro gem.
Film / / Jess Connett

Recap: Why Politics IS For You, According To Rick Edwards

Rick Edwards was our latest Masterclass guest.
Upskilling / / Jess Connett

Four Awful Truths About Gender Inequality In Sport

2014 was a massive year for women’s sport – but as Jess Connett explores, inequality, sexism and outrageous discrimination still reign...
Sport / / Jess Connett

Leelah Alcorn: Rest In Power

Jess Connett considers the death of trans teenager Leelah Alcorn, and looks at what impact a supportive environment can have...
Social Issues / / Jess Connett

The Official Rife 2014 Roundup Quiz: Lets Get Quizzical

How much do you remember about the weirdest stuff that happened this year?
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Jess Connett