Hassan Sherif

Hassan is a student at Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Bristol (of which he will be Head Boy next year) and is currently working towards his AS-Levels. As well as receiving various awards for his film-making and writing, his work has been screened internationally, in locations such as Wales, Ireland and Berlin. Hassan is also a keen public-speaker and has co-directed four theatre productions.

#votin: Is The Video Workin?

Hassan watched the video aimed at young people about the EU referendum and...well, it's pretty rubbish.
Social Issues / / Hassan Sherif

Rife Awards Winner: Hassan Sherif 'Ramadan, Man'

Hassan Sherif is the winner of the Rife Awards with his essay, 'Ramadan, Man'.
Social Issues / / Hassan Sherif

The Victor Experience

When Hassan Sherif played Frankenstein in his school play, he was not prepared for the all-consuming transformation that awaited him.
Arts/Culture / / Hassan Sherif