Hal Morrell-Samuel

Hal is a copywriter at Rife magazine developing content for the Go Places Places Do Things website. A sometime music-maker and (ostensibly) a trained sound engineer, he realised that days and nights spent cooped up in a hermetically-sealed, soundproofed coffin recording Santana cover bands was not the future he had envisaged. Putting his recording knowledge to one-side momentarily before quickly forgetting most of it, he has taken his first tentative steps into the world of writing and journalism; who can say where the path will lead. Quite often to Lockleaze.

Draw My Life: How Weed Affected Me

We worked with some guys to make a film about bettering yourself and maybe smoking less weed.

Pick of the Week: Guitar Sessions at The Grove

This week, we're getting our strum on in south Bristol, with Guitar Sessions at The Grove.
Bristol / / Hal Morrell-Samuel

Pick of the Week: Bouldering Induction

This week, Hal travels to Barton Hill to visit Bristol's The Climbing Academy.
Upskilling / / Hal Morrell-Samuel

Pick of the Week: Fridays at the Station

This week, Hal travels a very short distance to the centre of town, but what does he find?
Upskilling / / Hal Morrell-Samuel

Pick of the Week: Get Help Finding a Job

This week, Hal heads to Windmill Hill Community Centre to talk about jobs.
Upskilling / / Hal Morrell-Samuel

Pick of the Week: Learn to Use a Professional Music Studio

Hal go places in Bristol and he does things and then he will be recommending them here, every week.
Music / / Hal Morrell-Samuel