Claire Silvanna Cullen

It has become evident that I am a person who finds writing to be the most effective way to make sense of things, once I get something down in words, it becomes slightly clearer in my brain. I also enjoy sharing, (it is caring, after all), so blogging is an excellent way to write and share about anything that I find to be of interest.

As an avid admirer of art, music, film, and all things kitsch, I constantly strive to learn from various aspects of creativity – finding inspiration from fresh ideas and well-established artists… without taking it too seriously of course. If you haven’t already, please take a look around -kitschrelgion, and if you have, then why not look again? I hope you enjoy. Peace x

Dealing With Suicide

In this deeply-moving and personal essay, Claire Silvanna Cullen talks about how to cope when a loved one commits suicide.

#LikeAGirl? Like A Barf, More Like

Claire wants the companies that selling her sanitary products to not pretend to be the leading voices of feminism in...