Barker is a musician and writer from Dursley, Gloucestershire, and one of the newest content creators for Rife Magazine. He has released music from a young age and his creative writing shone through to land him a job at Rife. His main interests include but are not exclusive to – music, politics, life for young people, fashion, food and the deepest of deep conversations about the world.

Suicide In Young Men And How You Can Get Support

Men are under 45 are killing themselves more than anything is killing them.
Social Issues / / Barker

PHOTO ESSAY: Views From The Sticks

Barker heads back to his small town on the edge of Bristol to remind himself how beautiful our surrounding countryside...
Art / / Barker

Preeing Your History: The Snoopers' Charter

Dubbed as the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy, the Investigatory Powers Bill (Snoopers' Charter) has passed...
Social Issues / / Barker

Three Acts Of Protest That Changed The World

Do protests work?
History / / Barker

Stand with Standing Rock

Stand with Standing Rock.
Social Issues / / Barker

Five Of The Worst Secret Santa Gifts To Get Someone

Barker set off around town this week to find the worst present ideas for Secret Santa, and by jove there...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Barker

Barker's Banging Bristol Burgers

Barker takes us on a trip round Bristol looking for the best burgers on the market.
Bristol / / Barker

Remember What You’ve Got This Christmas: Homelessness in Bristol

Barker explores homelessness in Bristol in the lead up to Christmas.
Bristol / / Barker

Five Independent Clothing Brands To Look Out For

Barker takes a trip through his wardrobe to bring you five of the freshest up-and-coming brands of 2016.
Fashion / / Barker

The Joys Of Working In Retail At Christmas

It's that time of year again, Barker enlightens us on working in retail at Christmas and the struggles that come...
Lifestyle / / Barker