Asmaa Jama

Asmaa Jama is a Somali poet and visual artist based in Bristol. Her writing has been published in print, in Popshot magazine and the Paper Swans’ Young Poets’ anthology and online on the Young Poets Network. Her art has been featured online by Dark Yellow Dot. Her work mainly focuses on her experiences as a third-culture kid in the UK. She stans vampires and all manner of paranormal things.

Barber Shop Chronicles: why the barbershop is sacred space

Masculinity, Mandela and motherland: Ellams' bold play pulls back the curtain on barbershops across the world.

Black People On Display: The Forgotten History of Human Zoos

Asmaa examines the hidden history of human beings kept in cages The other day I was searching for pictures of...
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Us, and what it reminded me about the magic of black survival

From fear to unexpected feelings, Asmaa talks about how important black horror really is.
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Ghosts of Plants Past: A guide to not killing your leafy pals

To all my fellow plant murderers out there, where y'all at.
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A Crash Course in the Wonderful World of Spike Lee

Don’t know where to start with Spike Lee’s films?