Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team

Antonia Odunlami

I’m 21, from east London. I am a recent Philosophy graduate from Bristol University, and whilst being one of three Content Creators here at Rife, I am also the Music Editor for a online publication called gal-dem. It is run, written and controlled by young women of colour for all to engage in, creating waves in mainstream media but from our perspective. My hobbies include playing music obnoxiously loud, winning fake arguments in my head and watching Eastenders.

The Miseducation Of Drug Use

Antonia questions the lack of education we are given in school on drugs and how it results in taboo and...

Join Us At 'The Link' - A Free Networking Event For U24s

Next month, the Rife team are hosting The Link - a free informal networking event for young creative people looking...
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'The Arts Are Important': Why You Should Study For Love, Not For A Job

Choosing to go into further education is a big decision.

Gymuary Playlist

Despite being hesitant to practice what she preaches, Antonia's brightening up your January with all the gym motivation you'll ever...
Music / / Antonia Odunlami

When We Talk About Cosby, We Must Remember The Women Too

Watching the Bill Cosby scandal unfold in the media, Antonia thought about how victims often become sidelined in their own...

Netflix And Swill

Instead of watching 'Home Alone' movies back-to-back, this year, Antonia is going spend the festive period getting through her list...

'There's No Such Thing As Gangs. Just People.'

Has anyone stopped to ask young people how they feel about how they are portrayed in the media?

Seven Things You Wish Adele Brought Back (That Aren’t Joe Thomas)

Adele's recent comeback is spreading like wildfire -  she's managed to bring old songs and singers back.

The Ones And Twos Of A Record Label

Antonia wondered if record labels juggled as many different tasks as it seems, so she went to speak to Bristol-based...
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Rife Meets Lady Leshurr

Grace caught up with Lady Leshurr, ahead of her performance last month at Colston Hall.  Lady Leshurr was in Bristol...
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