Aisha Sanyang-Meek

Hey everyone, I’m Aisha. I’m a 19-year-old poet and film-maker from Bristol, I’m looking forward to expressing ideas and opinions through different art forms and collaborating with all you talented people at rife. Before Rife, I was part of the BFI Film Academy and have worked with ‘Calling The Shots’ to make a short film for Channel 4’s Random Acts. In my spare time I enjoy doing funny comedy sketches & impressions of people, making collages and travelling.

A Vegan Vlog Adventure With Jon And Aisha

Aisha and Jon take you on a vegan tour of Bristol.

Small Steps To Help The Environment

With all the change developing politically and economically, let's get our game plan on with some small steps we can...

Turning 20: Things I Won't Miss About Being a Teenager

Aisha is about to leave her teens so tells us what she's most excited about on her quest..
Bristol / / Aisha Sanyang-Meek

Perhaps Fairytales Are Supposed To Be Scary..

Gothic fairy tales are a compilation of fantasy, imagination and tragedy.
Film / / Aisha Sanyang-Meek

'Pirouettes And Poetry': A Spoken Ballet Film

Combing my two loves of  POETRY and  DANCE looks like…THIS I wanted to learn the disciplines of ballet technique...

Interview: Travis Alabanza

Today I interviewed Travis Alabanza is a Black, Queer Non-Binary performance artist born in Bristol, thriving in London and bringing...

Dance Like No One Is Watching

As Aisha pursues her dream of becoming a professional performer, she looks back at where the obsession came from.

Dessert Island Discs: If Food Be The Music Of Food, Eat On

Feel like getting washed away to a dessert island made out of your favourite puddings?

Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' And My Black Body

Aisha explores black women's bodies in Beyoncé's new visual album, and looks at her own black physical identity.

Three Animations With Uplifting Life Messages

Aisha explores the positive influences of children's animation in her life.  Reflecting on an almost 20-year-old Aisha, I realise how...
Film / / Aisha Sanyang-Meek