Aggie Andrews

Aggie is a content creator at Rife magazine. With a degree in Sociology she is passionate about understanding the stories of others, as well as women’s rights and animal rights. Aggie is going on to study how design can be used as a tool for improving communities. When Aggie isn’t writing you can find her dancing, reading or travelling.

Nanette: How Hannah Gadsby is shifting perspectives

Aggie reviews Hannah Gadsby's standup show and tells us how she inspired her
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How to stay structured in a lockdown

Aggie is having a go at making working from home more purposeful - here are her top tips
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A bit of optimism: a solo walk through Bristol

Aggie takes her camera for a walk around some of the places in Bristol she appreciates most
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The Walking Woman: a spoken word short film

Aggie's spoken word expresses how she feels unsafe when walking alone at night.
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