Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

About Rife

Our ninth in-house cohort (l-r): Sumaya, Lily, and Asmaa

Rife supports young people to have their voices heard. 

  • We’ve had 1.1 million visitors to Rife online since May 2014, viewing 1.7 million pages (updated Feb 2021)
  • We’ve paid and trained 35 content creators, the vast majority of which now work in the creative industries, where they offer fresh ideas that are creating change
  • We’ve reached over 8,000 young people through workshops and events that have been created in partnership with schools and youth organisations and run by Rife peer mentors
  • We’ve hosted 43 work experience students from 19 different schools across Bristol at Rife’s HQ, Watershed

The world feels pretty messed up right now. Not just for young people, but for most people. We at Rife, Watershed’s youth engagement platform, know that. But we see the potential for change. Because our work with the next generation of writers, filmmakers, photographers, and illustrators has proven that things are going to get better, with their help. The talent, tenacity, and optimism these young people share with us will be part of all our futures – as long as they get the support they need. With your help, we can continue to help them make work that promises a brighter future.

Our fifth cohort, Ailsa, Aisha and Jasmine

“Rife encouraged us to be our best selves.”

At Rife, the core of our mission is represented by our paid in-house content creator positions. While employed at Rife, young creatives make everything you see on the website, from thought-provoking articles to powerful videos, and promote it on social media. Often, this will be the first creative job our creators have ever held, but that doesn’t matter: we don’t pick people on whether they’ve been to uni or not, or decide they’d be a good fit based on ‘who they know.’ We pick them because of the enthusiasm and ideas they bring to the table. Now over seven years old, Rife Magazine has trained up and raised the aspirations of over thirty-five content creators across ten cohorts to access creative industries where they can offer fresh ideas that create change. 

“I felt valid, and began to understand that what I had to say was important. Only a few years later – I’m writing films and TV shows”

Take emerging filmmaker and former Rifer Yero Timi-Biu. “Being part of the Rife family boosted my confidence socially and professionally,” she says. “I felt valid, and began to understand that what I had to say was important. And only a few years later – I’m writing films and TV shows! It’s crazy.” Or successful illustrator and Rife alumna Jasmine Thompson, who says, “Rife has changed my entire professional practise! It provided us with so much support and guidance, and encouraged us to create content that was relatable and actually mattered to us. Rife encouraged us be our best selves.”

Our seventh cohort, Euella, Alexie, and Imogen

Even more exciting has been an unexpected consequence of Rife’s content creator roles: the start of a new kind of old boy’s club. The Rife content creators are now a thriving creative community from all sorts of backgrounds who lean on each other’s complementary skills for support, advice and inspiration. At Rife, we keep in contact with them and offer them free post-role training and skill reinforcement, making sure they’re as supported as possible as they get through their first tricky few years as independent creators.

At Rife we also join forces with other organisations to offer even more opportunities to young people in the West of England. In 2020, we were part of Creative Workforce for the Future, a pilot programme of professional development focusing on inclusion for companies and paid placements for young people. We also co-designed and launched the Meshworks newsletter, which provides content, support and community to enable emerging creatives to thrive in the creative and cultural industries.

Beyond our content creators, we also offer work experience that offers an inspiring glimpse of a creative career to students across Bristol whose social networks don’t connect them to the arts industry. In recent years, we have hosted 43 students from nineteen different schools – and had loads of fun doing it. We also head out to schools, colleges, community organisations and loads of other places to run our creative workshops, reaching over 8,000 young people with our work.

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