About Rife Magazine

Our current in-house cohort (l-r): Sumaya, Lily, and Asmaa

Rife Magazine is an online magazine for the young people of Bristol. Find essays, documentaries, articles and lists, about politics, arts and culture, social issues and more, all created by under 24-year-olds.

Got something to say? Pitch an idea to our editors, Sammy (written content) and Bex (video content).

Rife Magazine

Our commitment is that whatever we do will be designed and shaped by young people.

Rife Magazine is an online magazine for young people, by young people. Covering film, music, art, culture, social issues and politics, Rife covers everything Bristol has to offer its young people through all your favourite channels, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

We’re always on the hunt for content creators, vloggers, bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and designers to show off on the site. You can get involved by creating content for us.

Rife Magazine is a Watershed project.