Introducing: Rife Resident Editors

Introducing our newest Resident Editors

We are pleased to announce our four new Resident Editors as part of The Future is Collective, a programme of work propelling community and climate activism. Over the next few months, our Resident Editors will be recruiting Content Creators and working with them to create engaging, one of a kind, editorial content. We are so excited to work alongside such a talented group of creatives, watch this space!

Mercedes White

Hey! I’m Merc, 22 and an aspiring multimedia creative who just wants to make things that feel good. I’m a lover of all things love, chai, New Girl and Kojey Radical.

My feel good songs are “Kojey Radical – 28 & Sublime ” because it’s evergreen for me, the flow’s amazing and my birth date falls on a 28th too so it always feels like a celebration!

Instagram: @mjdwgram

Twitter: @mjatwork

Kaja Brown

Kaja is an intersectional climate activist and nature enthusiast currently finishing her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. She also has a blog thecreativeclimateactivist where she talks about intersectional issues, burnout, and interviews other incredible activists. Kaja can’t wait to be joining Rife again and help other content creators to get their voices heard.

My favourite comfort song is ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by Toploader. Why – I just remember in my first year of university walking home at 3am from my friend’s house, listening to this song, looking up at the stars, and feeling truly free.

Instagram: @thecreativeclimateactivist

Malaika Kegode

Malaika Kegode is a writer, performer and producer based in Bristol. She has appeared on stages at a number of festivals and literary events including WOMAD and Edinburgh Book Festival. Her debut theatre show, Outlier, an autobiographical gig-theatre show about addiction and isolation in rural England performed with prog-rock band Jakabol was the first piece of new writing to appear on Bristol Old Vic’s main stage in 2021.

Instagram: @mal.keg
Jazz Thompson

Jazz is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol. Her work is focussed around identity, activism, social justice, and underrepresented narratives. She is also a portrait artist and digital illustrator, who uses art to provide better representation of people of colour and Black culture. She works regularly with young people through workshop facilitation and mentoring, and is also a board member at Rising Arts Agency. As an ex-Rifer, she is SUPER excited to be back in house and working with the next generation of talented young creatives!

My go-to feel good song is Lite Weight by Anderson Paak (or generally anything by Anderson Paak- big fan here). His energy is SO infectious and I remember how seeing it live made me feel, every time I hear it through my speaker it just gets me so gassed.

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