Four Walls: a short film about staying indoors during lockdown

A group of young people reflect on what it’s been like to spend most of the past year stuck at home, with all their work, play and relaxation all confined to one space. Will Copeland worked as editor on the film and talks to Rife about his experience.

Tell us about the film.

Our film illustrates the experiences of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic and how many of us have used this time to gather ourselves mentally, gain new hobbies and interests and take time to learn how to succeed in a changing world by keeping our internal state stable.

What was it like making the film during lockdown? How did the team work together? 

Communicating production actions during the pandemic was a daunting task initially, as not being able to discuss ideas and view the editing process with each other in person put a strain on us to begin with. Despite this, our team built up incredible morale and ideas kept flowing, to the point where communicating via social media became second nature. Our film shows that you can make something special despite the world literally telling you it’s impossible. 

Watching the film now, how do you feel? 

Viewing the completed film is very rewarding. I feel we’ve managed to communicate a very strong message about taking the best from an awful situation. We understand how difficult it has been for the world to cope with the pandemic and we hope we have shown that it is possible for all of us to get through life-altering changes that are out of our control.

What would you like people to take away from the film? 

I would like people to feel that it is okay to doubt yourself, it is okay to be frightened against impossible odds and it is okay to open up about your interests. It has been an immensely tough year for us all and I hope everyone comes out more humble and confident in themselves. 

Would you recommend the BFI Film Academy to others? 

Working at the BFI was an amazing experience and it gave me the chance to feel free to think about my interests and chat and create with like-minded individuals. There was zero judgment and it was an incredibly helpful and useful experience. I would highly recommend the course for anyone who wants to jumpstart their career in filmmaking.

Crew List
Director: Abiola Olaitan
Producer: Jess Kerubino
Camera: Jack Wall,and Toby Store
Additional Footage: Amy Smith
Sound: John Allen
Music Composer: Abiola Olaitan
Edit: Will Copeland
Animation: Jess Kerubino
BFI Film Academy Mentor: Theo Watkins

This documentary was made by young people on the BFI Film Academy programme and delivered by Watershed.

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