Breaking into the Creative Sector: Meshworks Power Lunch w/ Mr B & Friends, Fourth Floor & OggaDoon

Missed our Power Lunch on social media and branding? Watch it again here and read Qezz’s summary

What are the Meshworks Power Lunches?

These Power Lunches are a series of conversations with creative organisations in the West of England, exploring what they search for when recruiting new members of their team.

Who is in conversation in this one?

Parys Gardener from the Meshworks community is in conversation with Kate Gorringe from Mr B & Friends, Kat Langner and Catherine Cheetham from Fourth Floor Creative, and Bobby Marsh from OggaDoon.

What do they talk about?

The panelists agree that you must show enthusiasm in your application, regardless of experience. All four panelists said they prefer candidates with ambition and a curious nature, particularly when an individual doesn’t put themselves in a box and is willing to learn and expand their creative medium within a growing company.

Top tips from the chat:

“Influencer marketing is such a new industry in which you can spin the barriers to rationalise it by saying I am on these platforms myself and i have the ability and new energy to pioneer it forward” – Bobby from OggaDoon

“We have a very open room where we don’t hide our interns and junior members. We invite them into brainstorms and client meetings. It’s all about building up their knowledge and giving them a place in the room as part of the project and not just at the tail end” – Kate from Mr B & Friends

“Influencer marketing is so new for us, which means it’s not dominated by people who have been in the industry for ages. So having young professionals who have that passion and curiosity is a great way to join an agency” – Catherine from Fourth Floor Creative

“If we keep recruiting the same people with the same perspective, it doesn’t challenge our train of thought and it really limits our creativity on the day to day basis” – Kat from Fourth Floor Creative

Watch the Power Lunch again above, and keep up with the rest of them on Rife’s YouTube here

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