Meet Bristol-based club night on the rise, Beeswax

This documentary by filmmaker Eric Gilmore charts the rise and rise of Bristol club night Beeswax – that is, until Coronavirus put a lid on the party. We asked Eric to take on the short film he made just before lockdown kicked in and Beeswax’s nights were silenced – for now.

“So, Beeswax is a Bristol-based party. It was started in 2018 by my mates Ed, Josh and Felix. Matt, Eli and I joined a bit later.

Beeswax was a great opportunity for filming and using my camera. I’d been making promo videos and stuff like that, but I’d always wanted to make something like this doc. And then came Covid.

I wish I had focused a little more on the wider scene, of trying to restart things and to survive the aftershock of these lockdowns. The music and events industry is on its knees and that’s what is most pressing now. If anything, though, the doc shows that independently run parties are often passion projects without any financial security; and I guess that might inspire a bit of sympathy for the catastrophic state of things.

Beeswax has always been built around showing off good music from all over the globe. We’ve hosted events at a number of venues across Bristol with DJs from the city and further afield. We’ve been lucky to present artists from Europe and beyond. My favourite night was played by Casa Voyager from Morocco.

At the moment Beeswax has a regular slot on Bristol’s 1020 Radio. Ed, Josh, Felix and Matt get free rein to play whatever they please. Living lockdown to lockdown, this has been Beeswax’s main outlet. It’s essential listening in the time being.

Here’s one of the most recent mixes:

Also check out Felix’s music. It’s used on a few occasions in the doc. His Soundcloud is plentiful.

Once venues reopen and there’s some semblance of normality, Beeswax will return. This can only happen if nightclubs and self-employed artists are properly supported. Sign petitions, donate and buy people’s music. Here’s where you can start.

Keep up with Beeswax on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.

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