Signs of Hope In Isolation

Lucy looks at ways she can help spread positivity in her community.

In this time of Covid crisis I like many others have sought signs of hope, life and positivity.

Living in Stokes Croft, the community are no strangers to graphics, graffiti filled with colour and vibrance and expressive street art, we are the home of Banksy and several of their originals after all. 

My local area of Stokes Croft is about creativity and community.

In this unprecedented time where uncertainty is at it’s very height one thing remains true, creativity, art and community. There is such a powerful feeling that creativity still breeds throughout such an unsettling period of time.

On my daily isolation walks, (often my most motivating time), I began to notice that signs of hope, life and kindness arose wherever I would find my feet taking me. I’ve seen an abundance of rainbows painted in various mediums, placed in windows in an attempt to brighten up any passerby who’s eyes would fall on it. I’ve glimpsed love hearts graffitied on brick walls with the familiar words “Love is all you need”. I’ve spotted hand painted butterflies so realistic that they could almost be fluttering right up the walls on which they are painted upon. 

As a couple of days passed into my isolation life I found myself yearning to see these signs of hope, signs of life, signs of creation. There was a sense that there was an unspoken call to action, a call to create. I had been feeling hopeless myself and wanted to help create the hope I had felt, through art.

I drew a small selection of images that have been inspired by my community’s positive spirit. I wanted to bring together some bright, loving, encouraging, cheerful images that would hopefully bring some joy to anyone and everyone.

Print At Home

Download my images to create your own stickers, all you’ll need is access to a printer and paper. 

I used vinyl sticker paper but you can use any type of paper and put up the images with sellotape, blue tack or anything else you have access to.

If you’re on a computer right click and select download/save image. If you’re on a phone or tablet hold the image down and select save image. 

What are some of the signs of positivity you’ve seen from your local community? Let us know on our social media. If you happen to spot any of Lucy’s illustrations during your daily walks tag our Instagram!

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