Proud To Be

24% of homeless people identify as LGBTQ+. In this documentary we meet 20-year-old Tyler, a trans man who has been homeless for 3 years. We follow him as he makes the move into his first flat, supported by 1625 Independent people- a charity that support young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Crew List:

Director: Una Horwood

Producer/Researcher: Faith Horler-Clarke, Isobel Davies

Camera: Bo Borthwick, Otis Harding-Hill, Isobel Davies

Sound: Darcy Tutton, Jake Gibbard

Edit: Jake Gibbard

Producer/Mentor: Sarah Belfield, Juliet Russell

Special Thanks: 1625 Independent People and Tyler

This documentary was made by young people on the BFI Film Academy programme and delivered by Watershed.