Sugar and Spice and all things Rife

Sugar and Spice and all things Rife – that’s what we’re made of!

Hello! This is our video that we hope will let you get to know us better!
Enjoy! Asmaa, Lily and Sumaya

WARNING: Some serious silliness ensues!

Asmaa; A nocturnal vampire stan
Sumaya; Has an unhealthy obsession with cats
Lily; General show off and sleepy woman

We’re here until August and we aim to keep you informed and entertained!

We’re here to keep Rife current and on-topic for young people living in Bristol today. We’ll be talking about arts, culture, social issues and stuff happening in Bristol. If there’s anything you think we should be talking about, pitch it to us by contacting the team through social media. @rifemag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.