Summer Songs for Summer Haters

Ella doesn’t hate summer but she doesn’t like it… Here are the songs that keep her going through this sweaty season

I was born in October. I’m only ever ready for autumn (and it lasts about two weeks). I don’t do well in the heat – I love summer vibes but hate summer temperatures. If you’re like me and like being distracted by good music while you’re melting in a public, this playlist is for you.  You can read up about a few of my playlist picks below, too!

Eryn Allen Kane

Eryn Allen Kane is a soulful songstress from another place and time in a 28 year-old’s body. When you press play on any of her songs you are taken to another world. Previously mentored by the late Prince, her moving R&B vocals are full of passion and emotion which will have you singing into a hairbrush on those lonely summer nights in front of the mirror. Let everyone know you’re busy.


A powerhouse with enough confidence to share with all her listeners. Lizzo’s songs are all about being proud and self-assured and with upbeat bangers like ‘Worship’ and ‘Scuse Me’ you’ll be ready to get dressed up in your best festival threads, take centre stage and have thousands of people scream your name… but probably won’t because why on earth would you want to do that? It’s 3000 degrees outside and sweaty people are nasty.

Sounds of Harlowe

Are you missing out on a summer fling you know because of your lack of interest in the whole… ‘summer’ thing? Have no fear – Sounds of Harlowe “…deliver an almost erotic experience.” The grunge-soul, prog-hop band from Bristol are great live but their debut EP ‘Change of Disposition’ will get your heart racing and your feet dancing even without leaving the house. Go on, play it loud and make the neighbours jealous.

I know this playlist won’t physically make you cooler in this gross heat but at least you’ll feel socially cooler after playing a few of these tunes. So put your headphones on, take a breath and smile because Halloween is just around the corner…

Do you know how to control your distaste for the sweatier months? Did we miss out any of your summer jams? Come chat with us about it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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