Your Ultimate Guide to Love Saves the Day 2018

Ella Brandt helps you plan your Love Saves The Day weekend with a top summer jams playlist and things to do during and after the festival.

By this point in the year, we’ve had a few days that felt like summer, but let’s be honest, the real start of summer in Bristol is LOVE SAVES THE DAY, the biggest music festival in Bristol. Every May, sparkly, enthusiastic festival goers spend one weekend getting down to genres ranging from reggae to house, and with 12 stages and 300 artists to choose from, you won’t be stuck for something to do this bank holiday!

It’s a big start to festival season so to get you going on the right foot, here’s a breakdown of how to get the most out of the day – before, during and after. It’s taking place in Eastville Park on 26-27 May, so grab your ticket now.

Before: Party playlist

Whether you’re prepping by having a full English or covering yourself in as many sequins as possible, you’re going to need to have a perfect pre-LSTD soundtrack. We’ve put together a playlist to facilitate your frivolities. You’re welcome.

During: Best of Bristol music

If you really want to immerse yourself in Bristol music culture AND make the most of the LSTD magic, here are four Bristol acts to go see and a few other lively things to do at the Bristol’s biggest festival.

Eva Lazarus: “Big Voice, Big Bass, Big hair” as her website says – and that is honestly the best way to describe this absolute powerhouse! If your vibe is reggae, R&B, hip-hop and/or jungle –  Eva Lazarus is a force to be reckoned to within those genres and more.

Shanti Celeste: If you’re into atmospheric relaxing house music, Shanti Celeste has got you covered. ‘Days Like This’ and ‘Thoughts’ sound like the soundtrack to a chilled festival after-movie.

Jus Now: For those of us with a little more energy, Jus Now are the duo that’ll get you jumping. This is what would happen if you brought a Trinidadian riddim section to Bristol: infectious, feel good beats to wake you up and tire you out.

L U C Y: This young Bristol DJ and producer will knock you for six when her basslines drop. L U C Y’s eerie and compelling set has ghostly vocals and driving rhythms that’ll make you lose sense of space and time.

During: Activities

Already have your music timetable planned? That’s fine – LSTD has tons of this you can do to entertain yourself when you’re not dancing in front of a stage:

Food: Bristol’s street food is second to none and LSTD have chosen the best to fuel you through the weekend. Burger Theory, Biblos and Chicken Shack (to name but a few) will be getting your taste buds dancing all weekend. Spoilt for choice? Don’t choose!

Roller disco: If you feel like you’ve ruined your gains after eating a plate of food as big as the bass from a subwoofer, get some cardio in with some roller-skating! Don’t get too dizzy though, there’s ton for fun to be had through the night and we want you to be the last man standing.

Inflatable Church: Isn’t it funny at festivals when you just love everyone? Shimmy your glittery self to the inflatable church and vow to spend forever together (or the next few hours, at least). You won’t have to sign a pre-nup, but it’d be nice to get your new partner in crime a drink or something…

After-parties at Motion: When the sun sets where do our best partiers go? Motion. Keep the bank holiday feeling going Saturday AND Sunday night.

After: Looking after Eastville Park

I know when you’re getting down to vibes and such you’re not particularly thinking about the planet and looking after Eastville Park – but it’s it something we’ve got to think about. We’re grown-ups, right?  Don’t stress though. Here’s a quick list to make it easy:

  • Try biodegradable glitter – Brands like Ecostardust and Pick’n’mix festival kit make super shiny glitter that doesn’t litter.
  • Bring some hand sanitizer! – Don’t use bottled water to wash your hands… give it a friend to sober them up.
  • Bring breath mints rather than gum – gum sticks around for a while.
  • Bring a reusable cup with a lid and straw. Stuff won’t get into your drink, and you won’t have to throw away eight paper cups.
  • If the food vendors give you something that can be reused… reuse it!
  • Put your rubbish in the bin – I know it’s obvious but I’ve got to cover my bases…

You’ve prepped; you’ve planned; all you need to do now is party! See you at LSTD.

Love Saves the Day takes place in Eastville Park from 26-27 May – grab your ticket now. We’ll be covering it on our social media so make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our LSTD antics.

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