The Party Girls’ Guide To A Good Night Out

Euella shares some of her top tips for having a cracking night out. 

I love a good night out. Being a young person in this big and beautiful city, there are so many things and places to do. I like having the chance to let my hair down and dance until my feet bleed (ew, not literally, but you know what I mean). For me, I think the main thing is having the chance to live my best life. Meeting people, getting drunk on the music (and maybe a little bit of alcohol if my bank account approves) and just having a freedom that I might not always be able to achieve at work or school. Some of the best nights I’ve had are not always the glitziest, but just when I’ve been free to do and wear whatever I want. Now, let me be clear, a night out doesn’t just have to mean clubbing. A night out can be whatever – as long as you’re out of your house, but more importantly, out of your comfort zone. So don’t be afraid to try new things, and cram as much as you can into a night – whether it be going for drinks, a movie night, bowling, a theatre trip – whatever. Although these tips were made specifically for those times when you want to paint the town, they can be applied to so many more situations so don’t limit yourself. Just be free and be safe.

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