Nine Halloween Costumes That Make You Question Humanity

Halloween (All Hallows/Saints’ Eve)  is nearly here. A celebration of ghosts, ghouls and all things spooky. Celebrated in various countries around the world, every year you can often find some pretty outrageous costumes. Not happy with what you are going as this year? Here’s a list of 9 costumes that might help make you feel like your choice isn’t so bad after all…

  1. 1. Chewing Gum On Bottom Of Ur Shoe LOLOLOL

Pretending to be chewing gum is all fun and games until someone accidentally steps on you,  mashing you helplessly into the ground to spend eternity as part of the pavement…. at least this costume wins some points on the grossometer.

2. Hello Darth Kitty

Hello Darth Kitty. Can’t quite decide on this one. The costume actually looks kind of creepy in a rather befuddling way. Hello Kitty is the new black?

3. The Sexy Fidget Spinner

Ahh fidget spinners, the most hated craze of 2017. I think Zach’s tweet says it all on this one…

4. I’m Not Black I’m Kanye

When in doubt, please don’t do Blackface Kanye. In fact, just avoid blackface anything.  No, seriously.

5. Nightmare On Sesame Street

Bert and Ernie from sesame street? If you guessed right I don’t know if that is good or bad. Beloved childhood puppet costumes are a…

6. Sexy Smiling Poop Emoji

Who would buy this? Can’t we just keep emojis on our phones? 

7. Ghosts In Bikinis

The conversation that made this costume possible: ‘But if we go as ghosts, how are people going to see us?’ ‘What if we wear bikini’s too?!’

8. Klueless Klux Klan Ghosts Throw Gang Signs

These three boys said they were ghosts… guess they didn’t get the memo that the KKK copywrited the pointed cone design.

9. Bacon Hitler

Why ruin something as great as bacon? B+ for creativity, D- for Don’t go as Hitler…

There it is, nine Halloween costumes that you should maybe think twice about copying this year. If you want to find out more about Halloween, why we dress in costumes, why kids go trick or treating, and the origins of the festival check out this article

What’s the funniest Halloween costume you’ve ever seen or had? Let us know in the comments below or @Rifemag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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