What Would Your Private Parts Say To You If They Could Speak?

Euella asks our cyber friends ‘what would your private parts say to you, if they could speak?’ Here’s some of the responses she got.

I have a confession. Growing up, I never really liked my vagina.

I have a confession. Growing up, I never really liked my vagina. Ever. My feelings towards it were most probably heightened by the fact that I strongly believed that it didn’t, in fact, like me. I hated that it stirred feelings of anxiety within me. What does it do? Why does it look that way? How does it work? However, with adulthood came a body-positivity that I’ve never known and as a result, I now spend a significant amount of my time encouraging it in others. One of my strategies of self-care is to speak to my body, in the same way that you would do a plant. When I’m working out (which, admittedly, happens very rarely these days) I urge and encourage my shaking limbs to continue, when preparing for an exam I speak to my brain, ‘Euella, you know this. Come on, think’. So when I was bursting for a wee the other day, it should be no surprise to you that I did indeed speak to my vagina – ‘Not long now, just hold on! You got this’.

Private Parts Hero

That’s when I had a weird and wonderful thought; ‘what would my vagina say if it could reply? Would we be friends? Heck, would it even like me?’ Before you commit me to a mental institution, what I am saying isn’t so crazy. Our bodies do speak to us – not with words of course, but through body language, chemical reactions, aches, pains etc.. You’ve just got to listen. So I asked some of Rife’s cyber friends, ‘What would your private parts say to you, if they could speak’. This video explores some of the answers I got.

Disclaimer: This video explores issues relating to sex and can be considered sensitive. As it stands, the legal age of consent in the UK is 16 years old. If you need advice on sexual health or services in and around Bristol, check out the Rife Guide

If you are engaging in sexual activity of any kind, make sure that you have given AND received freely-given consent.

Consent is when someone agrees, gives permission, or says “yes” to sexual activity with other persons. Consent is always freely given and all the people in a sexual situation must feel that they are able to say “yes” or “no” or stop the sexual activity at any point.

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